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  1. Georgina Spellman & Bernadette Says:

    Belated Happy New Year to everyone at Otley RDA.
    Bernie and I miss seeing everyone so it was lovely to read all the news in the Autumn/Winter newsletter.
    We have great news, Bernie has paid employment with Mencap as a Learning Disability Consultant! She will work 8 hours a week, it’s taken many long years to get here, so if you are trying to get jobs, just stick at it!
    Bernie still rides weekly at Middleton Park though since the snow and Christmas holidays, she hasn’t been what with one thing and another. At present we don’t know which days she will work so its difficult to plan things, plus we have a new addition to the family, a boxer/cross dog from Dogs Trust, Winston is lovely but a full time job at present!
    Our love to all of you, keep in touch.
    Georgina and Bernadette (Spellman)

    1. RDA Otley & Distrct Group Says:

      Good Luck to Bernie in her new position with Mencap.
      So pleased to hear about Winston he sounds gorgeous. Love and Best wishes to you all Carolex

  2. Nikki Francis Says:

    Hi All,

    I would like to wish everybody involved with Otley RDA a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy time with your families and heres to a prosperous and successful 2010 whatever you are doing.
    Looking forward to seeing you all and catching up next year.

    Best Wishes


  3. Hi to you all at Otley RDA. Just to introduce myself for the people who do not know me my name is Paul Kitchingman, I am still an Otley RDA member, though I now ride at Middleton Equestrian Centre Leeds. My coach is Cathy Cook who I have a very relationship with. I moved to Leeds because it fits nicely with my work but the main reason, just been up the road from the office I work in but, I had more scope to compete. I have such fond memories of training at Acrecliffe Equestrian Centre with Anne Everhall and have much to thank her for.

    I am currently working with three different horses to establish a partnership. Symphony, Abby two mares & Dylan who is a 5 year old gelding with lot’s of scope.

    I will be training for the BD Para winter qualifiers and the Para talent spotters.

    In the last competition I did was at York, an unaffiliated dressage comp I had a pleasant surprise with my scores. In the Preliminary 1 I achieved a score of 67.89% and the Preliminary 10 65.90%. I did the best canter I have ever done in the P1 and in the P10 Walk & Trot paces were superb a shame about the canter other wise I would have improved the score with a jolt. I was pleased with the canter, has I have just started practicing the canter consistently for 2/3months.

    All for now speak soon Paul.

  4. Jane Cotter Says:


    I am still a new member and I am really delighted to see the new website. As I have an individual side-saddle lesson I do not meet other members and other disabled riders very often so it enables me to see what the group is doing.
    I hope to get over to the Sunday group one day soon to watch.

    Well done for coming up with the website it must have taken a long time to put it all together !

  5. carole Says:

    Thought that Abbi’s e-mail would be of interest to alot of our volunteers and so I am
    posting it here!!!!!


    The new site is fab! And it’s great to see what you are all doing; it’s been far too long.

    I have started volunteering with a new charity in Cheshire as I can’t find an RDA locally that do evenings but I decided to do something different with having fun with disabled people. I have also registered on a scheme that will allow give me an award when I’ve completed 50 hours service. I wondered if Otley had any young helpers that would like to formalise their activities and get something they can put on their CV? It is all done through the website and is very easy, it wouldn’t require much time from the Group – someone has to approve that the individual has done the hours they said they did but that’s all. It’s only open to those under 25 (I just scraped in) but it’s nice to get something back for putting the effort in! If you want to know more about how it works let me know.

    All the very best and take care.

    Abbi xx

  6. Anita Yeadon Says:

    Hi Carole
    Brilliant new web site. Congratulations to you and your computor wizards! It is a great way of keeping in touch with new and old members and of forthcoming events.

    Best wishes to you all,

  7. Nikki Says:

    Hi Carole,

    Well done on the production of the new website, it looks fab. I really like the look of it and the fact that we can access photo’s and the newsletters. Hopefully we will now be all kept up to date with what is happening in the group again.

    Well done

    1. Carole Says:

      Hi Nikki
      Yes that’s my hope too 🙂
      Best wishes

  8. Hi Carole Please say well done to Adam for producing the new web site. We think he has done a very good job. I like the idea of being able to add photos and the newsletters. Also hope everyone will use the message board

    All the best

    Jan and Ka

    1. RDA Otley & Distrct Group Says:

      Hi Jan and Ka,
      Thank you for your comments…… It is so great to be able to use the Message Board!!!!

  9. Jon Prosser Says:

    Hi All

    Anna had a fantastic RDA National Championships this year. She came 4th in the test 12 Junior Dressage and then went on to win the Freestyle dressage compteition – both her class and overall witha score of 75%.

    The other big news is that Education Bradford have agreed to fund Anna’s place at the Fortune Centre for riding Therapy. This is a 3 year course that promotes life skills and learning through working with horses. I think Anna is the fourth from Otley RDA to attend – Danny and Marriance are already there. Anna is over the Moon with happiness and excitement. A lot of people helped us to put together a case to Education Bradford and we’d like to thank you all. Of course none of this would have been possible without RDA Otley being in existance and helping so many people.

    Many thanks to you all.

    Jon and Nina and Anna

    1. Carole Says:

      “Congratulations Anna” on your Hartpury success…big hug for Murphey!!!!!

      Also such good news about the funding. The Fortune Centre sounds wonderful and will be the most perfect experience.

      Thank you for posting this news…… I am so pleased that we can all keep in touch.

      Very best wishes

  10. Elaine Button Says:

    15 August 2008 13:30:45

    Hi all riders of Otley RDA.

    Thought I just wanted to Congratulate Kathryn Wheelock on becoming the Hartpury Festival of Para-dressage International grade 3 Champion 2008. That’s great news, well done to Kathryn, Indi, Jan and the rest of Kathryn’s support team, and good luck for the 2009 season. Elaine Button 🙂

  11. Andrea Evans Says:

    19 July 2008 16:08:55

    Hi all,

    I would like to say a big thank you to Anne Everall, Lee-Ann and family and Nikki for their fantastic support, having to cope with my neurotic behaviour. I think everyone knew it was going to be a challenge to get me outside, let alone compete and although Sapphire and I only scored 58.4% it was a huge achievement.

    Anne led me down to the warm-up area and kept me on the lead rope until we went into the arena, I’m pretty sure Anne thought I had an escape plan, she was right. A lot of people don’t know that my accident was a result of horse riding, hence my fear of the outdoors. We scored 80 points in tack and turnout coming 6th; Even though I tried to get off numerous times due to panic, Lee-Ann and Nikki were there for me keeping me calm, even after I got my foot caught in some wire. The judge seemed slightly bemused to have such a flighty rider, as was more used to flighty horses.

    There was a massive turnout on the Saturday so all credit to the Everall camp for such a spiffy result. On a fun note I scored a 100% in the advanced horse care and knowledge, so we came away with a couple of rosettes, and will be working on the great outdoors experience. It was a fabulous experience and met some lovely people, forged some new friendships with other groups, Oakland’s of St Albans, and Avon. The RDA support staff where fantastic and made a few friends there too.

    I think some of my highlights were, Anne let me help clean some tack and after much persuasion Lee-Ann and Nikki let me help muck out, went home sweaty and mucky just as it should be. Oksana found some baby mice which after mucking were placed back in the stalls. A great night was had at the Everall trailer on Friday. Big hi to Aisla the lovely lady from Wales who rides for Otley, I think this is brilliant that she feels so strong about the group, which she competes for in their name. Unfortunately we missed the group photo by minutes.

  12. Elaine Button Says:

    15 July 2008 18:15:34

    Hi all
    Had a wonderful weekend at Hartpury 08, could have rode worse and could have rode better though came a respectable 5th, though Sapphire was such a good girl and in the best turned out we got a 2nd, with one point between us coming first, how close was that!
    And many thanks to all the staff and volunteers from Otley who did such a good job, and to Anne E, Nikki F and Lee-Ann K for been great grooms.
    I was chosen also out of 200 rider’s to be a rider (together with Ruth MacCarthy who is trained by Lee Pearson) in the TEAM demonstration with Sarah Fisher, Anthony Head’s wife, & Tina her assistant therapist on the Saturday evening in the big arena, and I think that it was one of the best evenings of my life, as it was so much fun to do and such a surprise to be asked to take part,so many thanks to Doug Smith and Kay Woodcock for putting me forward for that at RDA National Office, I appreciate it greatly.
    Also well done to all the other riders from Otley who took part in the Championships, as everyone puts a lot of effort in to get to the Championships, and we made it to another year.
    Read your Article Anna P, and it’s very good and thanks for your kind comment about my riding, that was very kind of you, you did so well yourself and should be proud with what you did.
    And also to say a great job to Pat B who puts a great effort in to this website and the publicity of the group, as she does such a good job, well done Pat.

    Happy riding Everyone 🙂

    Elaine Button, x x x

  13. Georgina Says:

    08 December 2005 00:00:00

    As a parent of one of the riders who went to VALE VIEW Equestrian Centre in November, I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all the Otley team who gave up a weekend so our riders could have the chance of training with Angela Weiss and competing. It was probably one of the coldest weekends we had had so far and thanks must go to Mick who suffered torment when the horsebox was frozen solid and wouldn’t move early on Saturday morning. Despite the fact that riders arrived before horses it was a wonderful weekend. The support of everyone at Otley has to be experienced to believe, such dedicated and knowledgeable people are a true inspiration and it is thanks to them that our riders achieved such wonderful results. Thanks must also go to Ann Everall who not only let us take one of the Acrecliffe horses but also came to help and support the riders. It goes without saying that Elaines dedication and hard work paid off and Crispin and Clyde were true stars.

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